Sunday, March 19, 2006

monday. 12.58am end of hols

What am i doing?
Why m i not appreciating what is before me.........
things u wont miss until u lose them.

I've changed from sec 1 to sec 4. Secondary School Education changed my life to a more lousy one. I hate all this. Trying to be interested but of no interest at all.

Secondary 1 of me is a total quiet boy who day dreams. I wish that would last long.
Secondary 2 of me is a boy who talks alittle but is happy with friends around.
Secondary 3 of me. Life is full of deception. Trying to appreciate my secondary school life but i find no joy in it.
Secondary 4 of me. I find that I m drifting away from my friends. Absence make the heart grow fonder, but make heart go further too. Tempted to use com for chatting and gaming. I could not even keep my own promise of not using the com. ROFL. If i cant even keep my own things, how m i going to continue keeping others...... M i such a failure? Victim of temptation. Weak n00b me.

Well, Gaming really changed me alot. Whats so nice about gaming? I really dont know. However, I just got tempted when my friends play it. Of course in the end desert some of my friends in the course while gaming like prahlad, kaili, len, vivian, nico and yusiang. I think i m not really good at keeping friendships. Things just come and go.Many of these friends of course have changed the way of respondin to me too. Come to think of it, my best friends in primary school, we had a bet that we would lose contact in secondary schools. I lost. For the first year, we did. Second, still did. But in sec 3 and 4s. It really changed. Everybody have changed. If only there is a thing that would not change...............

Maybe, i should be a loner, and everybody should just forget me. Allow me to be back in my innocent little kai, the little boy who daydreams and live in his world of fantasies.

btw, darn those insects that are biting me now-_-

Thanks Emma for sending me Into Thin Air. Its a very nice song.

if only things never change.................................

just give me my small little island alone, living a boring life is better than some hurtful ones..........

gl hf to my o levels.


Saturday, March 18, 2006

i m a loser

:) i m a loser.

Well, sometimes I dont even know why i dont do things and after it happened and i regret about it. maybe u dont know what i write but its ok. coz im typin as how i feel and stuffs.

I just get very sad sometimes for v small reasons and goes to sleep. it seems to cure, but after when im awake, its there again. i think this is call escaping from problems?

sometimes when u are looking forward for something, and it just didnt happen, the feeling sucks... bla nvm

kk thx gg im a loser

me..... on 17/3/06:)

well, maybe i should blog about my life too.....

second day of the camp.

haha camp was fun and of coz i got pwned and stuffs as my members doesnt care about the things and so do i. so anyway, yup went out with some friends and walked around. suprisingly, time passed very quickly. its only then, when we found out that we 3 never go out together, just 3, before. for 4 years.

Well, we went to orchard and walked around for bags. me and tianwei is of coz lost. with only kaifeng searchin for his bags and askin useless qusetions of which bags is nicer as tw and me is like uber n00bs at bags. den walked from far east to lido and found out that there is no pro movies and walked to cine and found that there is no pro movies too. then we went arcade.freakin kaifeng never got to pwn him though.. with a score of 8 8 at that stupid game. freakin draw. well, pwned tw at datona. haha.

of course. i went home late. went online for awhile just to see if my friends are online and stuffs. and decided not to stay up late yup.

going out with great friends doing meaningless things is still better den at home chatting. its cos like friends would chat with u and ya. though the 3 of us have changed over the years, to me, u two are still the best friends in secondary school.

typical life of me...


Sunday, March 05, 2006

A question that never be found out by me.......

Enzymes are proteins.
Proteases are enzymes.
Proteases catalyst breakdown of proteins with presence of water.
Proteins denature at extreme pH and extreme heat.

Now, i have a bottle of proteases with water. Will proteases catalyst breakdown of themselves as they are proteins too.

Now, i have a bottle of proteases and amylases. Will proteases catalyst breakdown of amylases as they are proteins?

Trypsin and Pepsin both work at extreme pH ( as in one in the acidic, one in basic). So, why they dont denature? or either one of them denature as they are proteins too???

How does other enzymes work at high temperature, not subjected to denaturation by heat???

When there is no air (vacuum) in the can, the can would be crushed as air molecules would push it due to difference in pressure.

If our space(universe) is vacuum, why our space(universe) is so big, filled with empty spaces(place for things) rather den all the things in the universe be cramped together???( like space between moon and earth).

How to do experiment in vacuum? or the experiment done, its not perfect vacuum, but only a partial vacuum? Even partial vacuum container got crushed by air pressure, how does experiment be done in vacuum?? or what type of material can be used for this?

Of years of my education, I was only taught things within my syllabus. What is outside my syllabus, i dont know....
what type of education is this ......-_-

Why cant education be questions of us? It would inturn become more outcome. like, small children would ask why is sky blue? but a older man would not even bother about this question. or why does human have 10 fingers 2 hands? .......

deproving deproving deproving deproving deproving deproving deproving


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

=( got pwned





Sunday, February 19, 2006


Dear Racists,

You are like so n00b and stuffs, ordering those to work for you and you just sit there and stuffs.
is black so disgusting, yellows too yew, and brown too dirty? actually, white is just the colour of your fuckin skull. aint that gross. here's a story dedicated to u by the birthdae girl :)
It goes like this.

A scene also took place on a BA flight between Johannesburg and London. A white woman, about 50 years old, was seated next to a black man. Obviously disturbed by this, she called the air Hostess. "Madam, what is the
matter," the hostess asked. "You obviously do not see it then?" she responded. "You placed me next to a black man. I do not agree to sit next to someone from such a repugnant group. Give me an alternative seat."
"Be calm please," the hostess replied. "Almost all the places on this flight are taken. I will go to see if another place is available." The Hostess went away and then came back a few minutes later. "Madam, just as I thought, there are no other available seats in the economy class. I spoke to the captain and he informed me that there is one seat in the business class. All the same, we also have one seat in the first class.
"Before the woman could say anything, the hostess continued: "It is unusual for our company to permit someone from the economy class to sit in the first class. However, given the circumstances, the captain feels that it would be scandalous to make someone sit next to someone so disgusting"
She then turned to the black guy, and said, "Therefore, Sir, if you would like to, please collect your hand luggage, a seat awaits you in first class."
At that moment, the other passengers who were shocked by what they had just witnessed stood up and applauded.

Of course, many have read this. this is from a mail. Why is there racism still? does skin colour or race represent something? We are all still human, of the same race. racist just sucks. they are just people who are weak, so to stand ontop of other people's head, they use their skin colour.

No skill, No micro, Talk big = uber noob. n00b baaaakkaaa n00b:)


Monday, February 13, 2006

Songs that I like about pwning n00bs n stuffs

teh noob song

Hey noobs, I'm going to like totally like pwn you noobs
Cause I pwn you, like I pwn you like pretty hard and stuff right
I'm going to give you some spanks
Just like Kyle and you suck ass at all the games you try to play
Cause I pwn you, I pwn you like pretty hard and stuff right
(Nice) Pwn you. I pwn you like you're somebody's mom trying to play the game
I pwn you ( is that on? i dont think)
I will pwn you.. sometime... maybe when we play the game

[Hey Noobs la la la la la la la la la laI pwn you la la la la la la la la la]
Noobs.. I just like, kind of want to let you know,
That like I totally like pwn, like you.. and ahh,
You know you may think that like maybe one day like maybe i wont like anymore,
But that's wrong.. I'm always going to pwn you, cause I'm teh_pwnerer, it's just what i do

[I pwn you la la la la la la la la la lalike you're someone's mom la la la la la la la la la]
I pwn you like pretty hard and stuff right, oh you want some of that?
You're someones mom.. Oh you begging for the mercy now

I'm gonna give you some spanks.. Cause you're total noob and you'll suck ass at every game you try to playI pwn all.
Credits to

Feel like pwning noobs

It's something that I have to do
I feel like pwning noobs
The time of my defeat is through
I'm totally going to pwn you

Instead of my fingers i'll use my toes
I'll still play way better than you
Thats what i'll do
(guitar solo)
I feel like pwning noobs
Feel like pwning feel like pwning, feel like pwning
Pwning noobs.
Credits to

Well, purepwnage is a nice webbie where you can see n00bs gettin pwned. I myself likes it! It may be fictionous, but its super fun! Download its video and sitback and enjoy rofl...

kk thx gg

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Education of Singapore

Haiz... no choice but to disclose my nationality. but nevermind:)

Well, the education system of the singapore have always been a trouble in my mind. i dont know about other countries and stuffs, but here, is why i think that singapore have a n00b system of education for their people.

Singapore is a country with high educated people.
However, if you ask them one by one you will find that, out of 100, 90 of them are trained n00bs. why is this so?
This is because that pros have the thought of trained n00bs will never win real pros. however, this is only true if the education of singapore isnt like this! i shall explain in detail now.

In Singapore, the education system of 10 compulsary years are such that 6 years for a major exam and 4 years for the GCE O levels examination and 2 Colledge year where people takes A Levels or 3 years where people get their Diplomas or some hopeless one went for institude of education. den all lead to some universities! it seems easy, only 4 stages eh?
but however, the sad thing is, if u fail one of the stage, you will be pwned and thrown aside jo. no way to turn back. and that if you just happen to flop for one of these examinations, your so screwed. so... the education system is already so screwed, whats so gd about the subjects.

In singapore in secondary educations, you are allowed to take some subjects that you choose. nah its not choose, or you are forced into. some freaking schools just wont let you to take some subjects that you want just to let their school do better in performance... however, its not your dream. its equivilant of crashing people's dream, like destroying the toy infront of a baby.

What is education.
Is it just to sit through papers for one night and forget it the next day???
Well, its not. Why is education essential?? and what kind of education we need???
Lets split up the subjects into 4 different groups: Languages, Sciences, Maths, Arts

Well, whats the use of language??how does languages come about?? or why is language important? languages is just a tool to make people communicate, to make them understand of certain things for further education. the motive of language is just communication, its the same as papa doggie barking at strangers to protect cutie puppies. this also could be a language as its communicationg to strangers that "do not come near my puppies or else"

However, nowadays, people make more sorts of things for languages. today, languages are not only not properly used for communication, it is also used for mocking at people who dont know difficult words! in fact, they said that they are very professional at languages and pwns and stuffs, however, they didnt know that they are actually being pwned by the word "language" itself.

Act Pro A: Hello, its raining cats and dogs outside rofl. i bet u dont know what i mean
PoorNoob looks outside and replies: no cats or dogs, rofl you must be lying or dreaming
PoorNoob: blurred

Well, is actproA really communicating with the use of language, or mocking???
actually, actpro A have already fault at the use of communicating! he cant even make PoorNoob B understand what he is talking about. its just like

NoobMama: hey baby please dont cry, i will give you sweets
Baby: looks innocently, and cries again.

ITs no use! You will have to

ProMama shows sweet and eats it into her mouth and enjoying the sweet and takes another one, waves infront of baby
Baby is curious and know that sweet is good and nice taste thus dont cry so that mama would give him some.
Baby doesnt cry.


Well, since actproA cant even communicate with poornoob, he is pwned by not even able to communicate when he COULD have done so.

So, languages are actually simple stuffs for communication. so, what for making it so confusing, as in making difficult words??? well this is not about critisizing literature. literature is a totally different thing from language. infact, its an art for people to appreciate the beauty of language, but not a language itself, like visual art is the appreciation of pictures, but not pictures itself.
so, the most efficient test of languages that i can think of is, by telling stuffs to the examiner and make him understand what u say, and not using fuckin phrases and vocabularies to confuse them that they have to use dictionary to check one by one rofl. so thats all for languages!

Secondly, About sciences.
What is about science.
Science is actualy understanding things that is happening around us! nothing much about this topic, as its basically applying ur knowledge and things are changing to this! like the bio research. so its an improvement

Thirdly the Maths.
Maths is about counting and ya its same as science. however, DOES YOUR FUCKIN PRESENTATION WORKS??? Why not all of us study to be n00b and learn how to pack stuffs in secondary school as an another subject and we score in it?? Why would you want to know why we did this and stuffs when we know how to get the exact answer?? Its just only for the ease of marking.

No comments....... ARTS are actually Appreciation of Real Treasures to me. Study how to appreciate the treasure in anyway you want of course, i dont take any arts so i dont really know.

However, in all, there is one common mistake! Teachers are only bothered in letting their pupils scoring in their results and not about their interests or slowly teach them stuffs. Nowadays, teacher only teach students how to answer the question, and not the fact. you are suppose to know the facts yourself and teachers are there to mark your work. wtf is this well, tats what happening to singapore. Everybody is just concerned with results. This system of retaining and rankings and major exams are making everybody concerned to results. so, everybody, instead of studying languages and sciences and arts, they studied HOW TO SCORE IN EXAM. you can ask a fuckin question to them and they present it to you in an nice way with little content just enough to get the marks!

Is this kind of results what we actually want??? or its that the pupils understand more facts.
The answer lies within you.

Parents also have in mind that children should get the best results, and not that they truely understand things and that memmorizing things would make them remember. Whats the diff of using the parlov's experiment on human with this kind of stuffs? the answer must be word for word, not even one word difference O_O. Well, this is what happens to a typical singaporean student and how he/she feels when they are in education years.

Actually, i strongly feel that students are given the choice of their subjects rather den forcing them. it really makes the students feel that since they hate this subject, and they dont like this, they would rather flunk it. ( btw i m given a subject of my choice... this doesnt occur to me but to many others). and that every teacher should not only teach things in the syllabus for sciences or maths, they should make the pupils more interested in that subject by giving interesting informations that they would learn in higher level, as a motivation to learn more from time to time. Oh well, Singapore's education only bothers about results. Teachers's pay, students' future, schools' reputation is all about results of what students get. if you sadly get a F9, too bad. your pwned. and that students shouldnt be forced to take a contrasting subject if they dont want to. how can you expect them to perform when you give them an extra subject that they dont like??? most people wouldnt bother about the contrasting subject if results doesnt matter. however, due to strong competition, students are left with no choice, but to do them even they do not like it. and in working life, they may not even touch that subject!

So, what for teaching things when you are only teaching them how to score for exams?? students should be supposed to be given chance to do interesting practicals other den like playing around with a torch and a mirror over and over again.

i m speechless -_-. n/c


Who am I????

this blog is post for no people actually, its just a place for me to whine and scream all those n00bs off their mind:)
but if you happen to read my blog, and wonder who m i?
i wish to be anoyomous ... and..............
i m still anoyamous!

but who exactly m i?
i couldnt say it due to some reasons:< However, there is some thing that you have to take note of me:)
I m not a uber pro that pwns and stuffs. I supports uber pro and hates those who defame them:)(tats why there is this blog to seperate true pros and trained n00b in my way)
I m a fan of WC3 TFT O_O as in standard game! with micro! not like n00b games tat doesnt need micro like dota:)
I m a guy who doesnt like to be tied up and stuffs
I admit that im a whiner who whine at imbala stuffs that are TRUELY imbala:) however, i dont really let people know that i whine and stuffs. tats why nobody that knows me know tat this is my blog :!
I support pure pwnage. PURE PWNAGE PWNS JO!
I certainly is open to comments and stuffs and will change if there is anything bad that you feel about me as i dont like to be pwned:)
I dont go around pwnin ppl like a n00b unless they have reached my limits -_-

well, is that enough??? haha
of course, time would change, and i would be a different me next time jo.
who knows, i may have turned to a person where being pwned by uber pros? but i dont mind as i could be playing with a pro!

Ok.. tats all. if i continue to say, either i would got spams, or would get beatten up in the streets in the way that i blog:)

kk thx gg cya

Imbalanced balancing.

Its me once again.
in this post, i shall post about stuffs that girls would hate, but guys would be enjoying, but homosexuals would be neutral. hey but of course little girls, this isnt your fault...... its just that other people of your gender does it. so.... yea pwned:D

Story 1:
Once upon a time, where girls were thought to be de lower class of da gender. girls are suppose to do to boys' bidding and become slaves of boy. girls are often looked down and stuffs happens that little girls revolt about this, to have human rights in the 20th century.

Well, it is reasonable isnt it? boys and girls should be equal. i agree! whats so fucking wrong about this??? well, you should read more down:)

Story 2:
little girls demanded to have their rights, to be treated like boy boys. but that they have lower physical points. thus doing lesser things den boys but treated the same way.

Well, to here, its still reasonable that they have lousy skill points that they do little stuffs according to their skill points to be treated same as boys. its still reasonable till here:)

Story 3:
little girls starts to get bad. they feels that since they are winning the battle and that boys are making things easier for them, why for stop?? just ask till they cry more eh? thus little girls asked for women charter. girls would be protected from big boys.

hey what about little innocent boys being raped by big fat ugly girls, they have no rights to report, in fact, the big fat ugly girls could even sue the innocent small little cute boys for raping them omfg IMBALA><

Things doesnt stop here.
Story 4:
Girl B: Give me money
Boy A: gives for fun
2 days later
Girl B: Give me money
Boy A: hey i m not your bank!
Girl B: give me or else i shall say that u molest me
Boy A no choice, give money
2 days later
Girl B: Give me more money!!!!!
Boy A: i m BROKE!
Girl B: kk thx gg cry more you molested me!
Boy A got sued for molesting Girl B even when he dont.

hey what kind of imbala is this??? girls are askin too much eh? from the small little cute innocent girls who doesnt bully, to a big bad bully now??? do you find that more bosses are ladies nowadays??? All of them goes up by skills. however, there are many different skills. Some real skills, some bed skills. what kind of fuckin imbalance is this!

Well, girls are asking for more things so that they could be balanced with boys. however, stupid boys are keep on accepting that they are more pro ( act pros) and give in. however, the fact is they are asking for more then what they deserve! here is an analogy

before 1900s:
Girl level : 1
Boys level : 10

Girl lvl : 6
Boys lvl: 10

as times goes by
Girls lvl : 10000
Boys lvl : 10

boys are still giving in! omg.. boys.. please be more smart and stop requests! or else you get pwned more by law and be at the mercy of n00b girls!

Women have been one of the causes of many downfall of man, as women have the skills to make men listen to their noob strats and noob skills. not all women are noob but, ya... those noobs shouldnt just give noob things and seduce n00b boys!



n00bs.... i cant stand it!
kk thx gg